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As any blogger knows, regularly creating high-quality, engaging content can be a grind. But leveraging article rewriting tools makes developing great blog posts much easier. Keep reading for 5 pro tips to use text rewriting software to level up your blog content.

Reason #1: Let the article rewriter tool do the work for you.

Article rewriting tools utilize artificial intelligence to completely rewrite text automatically. They work by identifying words and phrases in a source text that can be replaced with synonyms. For example, a tool may swap out a word like “rapidly” for “quickly”, or “assist” for “help”.

robot at work
robot at work

The rewriter also restructures the order of sentences and paragraphs. This reorganization, along with substituting synonymous vocabulary, allows the software to generate a new version of the article that reads completely differently.

Yet while reading distinctly from the original, the rewritten piece still maintains the core information and meaning. The context stays intact.

Essentially, the article rewriting tool handles doing a full rewrite that would take a person significant time. The software does the heavy lifting of reworking the content, freeing you from manual labor.

This automation is the key time-saving functionality. Rather than struggling for hours to hand rewrite posts yourself, rewrite tools can instantly spin up new variants. This allows you to leverage unique, optimized content dramatically faster.

Letting the tool do the rewriting grunt work for you allows you to increase content output without burning out. It’s like having your own AI assistant!

Reason #2: Significantly accelerate your content output

To understand the time savings an article rewriter provides, let’s look at some numbers. For a skilled writer to completely rewrite a 500-word blog post by hand, it would likely take 1-2 hours. This factors in carefully paraphrasing each sentence, replacing synonyms, rearranging structure, and editing.

In contrast, a text rewriting tool can generate a wholly new 500-word version in just seconds. The software works exponentially faster than a human.

article rewriting tool
Article rewriting tool to speed up writing

To put this into perspective over the course of a month:

  • Hand rewriting 3 posts per week would require 6-12 hours of work.
  • Using an article rewriter, you could create 15-20 fresh variations of posts in the same time.

The end result is you can develop optimized content on an ongoing basis much faster using software automation. This added efficiency compounds over time, allowing your content library and SEO to continuously expand.

Rather than struggling to manually rewrite a few posts a week, article rewriting empowers you to accelerate output dramatically. It’s speed vs strain. The software does the heavy lifting so you can rapidly scale unique content production.

Reason #3: Repurpose one post into many variations

One of the most powerful benefits of article rewriting tools is the ability to take one well-written post and spin multiple unique versions of it.

For example, let’s say you spent time creating an in-depth 1,000 word blog post on “Social Media Marketing Tips”. This single piece required extensive effort to research and write.

Instead of stopping there, you could feed this post into a text rewriter tool to create 5, 10 or even 20 new variants of it. Each version will read uniquely and pass plagiarism checks.

Now you have successfully multiplied your high-quality content without having to manually research and write each post from scratch. The tool handles creating the new iterations for you.

This allows you to expand your overall content exponentially while starting from just one initial piece. One becomes many with the power of AI rewriting.

The applications here are far-reaching:

  • Creating numerous versions suited for different keyword targets
  • Optimizing a single guide for many related subtopics
  • Personalizing content for different customer segments
  • Repackaging evergreen content to stay fresh and relevant

Leveraging the multiplication power of text rewriters is a game changer for bolstering content libraries. You spend less time starting from scratch and more time repurposing what’s already working through iteration.

Reason #4: Make old content feel new again.

As time passes, even your best blog content can become outdated, boring, or no longer relevant to readers’ needs. But you put significant effort into creating it originally. This is where article rewriting comes to the rescue.

Rather than starting completely from scratch, you can breathe new life into old posts by using a text rewriter tool to refresh them.


For example, you may have a detailed blog post on “Best SEO Strategies for 2022”. While still helpful, search algorithms and trends have likely changed since publishing.

To update it, you could use an article rewriter to create a new version titled “Updated SEO Strategies for 2023”. The software will spin the post to feel current by altering wording, phrasing, and structure.

You can also utilize rewriters to give stale evergreen posts renewed value. Simply generate new variations with modern examples, statistics, studies or recommendations.

This allows you to leverage existing assets rather than relegating old posts to the archives. Re-engage readers by spinning aged content into refreshed variants your audience will appreciate.

Text rewriting software gives you the power to easily reinvigorate outdated yet valuable content. With AI, the past can always be repurposed into the future.

Reason #5: Automate your SEO at scale

One of the key benefits of article rewriting tools is streamlining search engine optimization. Creating new, unique content tailored to specific keywords and topics is essential for SEO success. But doing this manually for every focus area is extremely labor intensive.

This is where text rewriters come in. Article spinning software makes it simple to take one general post and automatically generate multiple new versions optimized for different keywords.

For example, you could feed a broad blog post on “Content Marketing” into a rewriter to create tailored variants on:

  • Content Marketing Trends
  • Types of Content Marketing
  • B2B Content Marketing Strategies
  • Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

And many more…all optimized around different keywords and angles.

The tool handles these time-consuming SEO optimizations for you, allowing your content to rapidly scale. No more struggling to manually customize each post.

By automating the process of adapting content for diverse SEO needs, text rewriters remove friction and limitations. You can expand your online footprint and attract more search traffic faster than ever.


Next time you’re facing writer’s block, feeling burnt out, or simply short on time, let an article rewriting tool work its magic.

These AI-powered software solutions completely transform the content creation process. Article spinning eliminates heavy manual work so you can develop high-quality blog posts easier and faster than ever before.

By automating the optimization of existing content, text rewriters give you an unfair advantage. You can continually keep content fresh, engaging and relevant for readers without starting from scratch every time.

Don’t let creating great blog posts become a drain. Empower yourself to work smarter by incorporating article rewriting into your process.

You’ll be stunned at how much time and energy it saves you. And how much it levels up the impact of your content. Your future blog-writing self will thank you!

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